You were born into a world designed 
to put you to sleep...
In our society, being what everyone else wants us to be and believing we are who they say we are becomes our "normal"

Are you ready to take your power back?

We use their expectations to create an identity for ourself.
A mask.
The truth is, your parents, teachers, family, friends, media and government were trained to be fake.
And they unknowingly passed that blueprint down to you...

Are you ready to stop blindly following the blind?

Most adults feel like, "I don't even know who I am anymore" or "I feel like I have lost myself"...
Why is that?
Because they never knew who they were because they are too busy trying to be who they thought they had to be in order to be worthy of love.

This is the Trance that needs to end.

Will you pass this BS (belief systems) to your kids? Or will it end with you?!

Are you ready to wake up?
Are you ready to awaken your inner leader?

Awakened Gen Z is a community of like minded teens who are ready to shed their BS, live without their fake masks, and explode their awesomeness into the world as the authentic and powerful creators and leaders they were born to be.

You are invited to join other like-minded teens and just

As you are.
No expectations.
No judgements.
No rules.
Just You...